Amazing Adventure

Harry Potter heaven is open at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. With so much to do in the wizarding world, make sure not to miss these non-ride attractions.

  1. Take a photo in front of the Hogwarts Express (free, usually no line) or on the train en route to Hogwarts (for a price). Wrap yourselves in house scarves and pick your choice of background!
  2. Head over to the Butterbeer cart for a mug of Butterbeer. Kids and adults will LOVE this non-alcoholic, butterscotch-y beverage that comes in classic and frozen versions (popular opinion votes frozen-FYI).
  3. Tour Ollivander’s Wand Shop. Groups of 15 to 20 people are ushered into a small, dusty wand shop, where a wand keeper will help someone in your group select a wand (or the wand may select them…). The process takes about five minutes, but includes some cool effects where magic is performed before your kid’s (wide) eyes. Afterward, you exit through a shop selling a variety of wand replicas (Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore, and others). If you buy an interactive wand, it will come with a map leading you to locations throughout the Wizarding World where you can cast spells!
  4. Drop by the Owl Post, a fully functioning post office where your kids can mail their friends postcards and letters postmarked from Hogsmeade. You can buy cool HP stamps there, but if you bring your own you will save a little.

Find your inner wizard!